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Connect-Four: Minor Guitar Tonality

Chord, Scale, Arpeggio, and Pentatonic relationships

I. Knowledge of tonality in one area on the fretboard can broaden your horizon of improvisation, performance, and composition on the guitar. Chord shapes, scales, arpeggios, and pentatonics can all be combined in a practice dominion, (practicing similar things over a short period of time). It is imperative for a guitarist to have practical knowledge of playability with efficiency and economy on the fretboard. Additionally, color/timbre is another attribute for the tonality of minor sounds. This Connect-Four blog will heighten your awareness of connectedness to all the patterns detailed.

II. Stylistic Diversity: The examples written in tablature, coupled with the video blog, will also discuss a “jazz-feel” idea; swing-rhythm for chord comping and scale practice. (Research notes are in the video.) After you have mastered this lesson, be sure to build a daily routine from all of the elements of Connect-Four: Chord, Scale, Arpeggio, & Pentatonic! This type of daily routine will strengthen your understanding of pragmatic guitar patterns, and help you begin a jazz feel for soloing. -Coop 🎸

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