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Joe Pass Signature Jazz Guitar Licks

Important Info

One of the best-known Jazz guitarists in the style, Joe Pass has guitar licks that most jazz or fusion players know. From altered tones, to cool phrases in modal sounds, these five are certain to get you sounding like Joe Pass!

Eric Johnson Signature Rock Licks

Key Facts

Eric Johnson redefined pentatonic and arpeggio playing in rock guitar history starting in the 1970s through the 1990s. From pentatonic cascades with blistering speed, to clean arpeggio tones, these 5 licks can revolutionize your rock guitar playing!

Major Scale Patterns

Important Info

The following are major scales in commercial guitar form. Scales are a foundation of solid techniques that enlighten efficiency, cleanliness, tone, speed, and accuracy.

Common Jazz Chord Shapes

Key Facts

Common chord shapes with harmonies of the 7th and above.

Pentatonics and Rock Licks

Rock out!

GUITAR SOLOING: This document contains valuable knowledge and insight on commercial guitar performance relating to pentatonics, Blues scales, and popular licks that every player should consider. The document contains musical notation, tablature, and commentary, with related examples.

Alternative Blues Scale Patterns

Good to Know

Tired of the standard Blues Pentatonic Boxes? Try these patterns for more inspiration! Licks & Solo Included.

Wicked Pentatonics: Developing Excellent Legato

Impress Any Listener!

Regular, habitual practice is vital to increasing your musical potential. Excellent articulation involves understanding sound and techniques that lead to flawless execution. The following examples below include legato, alternate picking, and economy picking. The fretting hand fingers are also included for building strength and stretching across the fretboard.

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