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Commercial Guitar Technique & Performance (1st ed.) by Keith Cooper (PDF book)

Commercial Guitar Technique & Performance (1st ed.) by Keith Cooper (PDF book)

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Commercial guitarists occasionally lack a professional understanding of musical trends - related to execution that can adversely impact the quality of their performance. This document can broaden their perception with improvisational skills, fret-board knowledge, scale and arpeggio relationships, musical genres, dynamics, chord comping, and various guitar techniques. This is a survey of guitar techniques that correspond to commercial styles, with an additional description of classical fingerpicking practice.


Revolutionize your guitar performance and technique in the commercial industry! This text includes 12 radical chapters of practical guitar knowledge that can elevate your playing and teaching style with expertise. Topics include picking strategies, scales, modes, extended pentatonics, rock licks, alternative Blues scale patterns, chords, and common progressions, arpeggios, dynamics, swing feel, the ii-V7 way, patterns for jazz and improvisation, octaves, harmonics, bop-scale relationships, classical PIMA pieces and etudes, and a grassroots reading plan for the rock guitarist. 150 pages (PDF) of intermediate to advanced exercises and ideas.

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