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It’s been said "play skillfully" with the "language of the soul;" a concept Guitarist Keith L. Cooper has taken to heart throughout his career, encouraging guitarists, worship leaders, and young professionals in the music industry. Coop teaches, performs, and writes articles which showcase aspects of guitar playing (his primary instrument), and music education, to ensure commercial, ministerial, and collegian success in music.

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Guitarist Keith L. Cooper is constantly pushing to achieve maximum success in guitar performance in modern jazz, Gypsy-guitar, hard-bop, acoustic, blues, and rock guitar performances. Dr. Cooper has the credentials and experience in guitar performance­, both in and outside the academic world. Looking to excel in technical guitar abilities while developing unique approaches to music education, Cooper draws upon expertise and knowledge from previous teachers, including jazz guitarists Tal Farlow, Bobby Lane (Al DiMeola's instructor), Larry Baione (Berklee College of Music), Maestro John Pell, classical guitarists - Maestro Mario DaSilva (Belmont University), and Dr. Sean Beavers, (Liberty University).
 Cooper has a rich performance background from a diverse music scene, including performances in the Americas, Canada, Eastern, and Western Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Greece.

Credentials include a doctorate in Music Education (CERT) in Jazz Guitar Performance, a master's in music education and guitar performance, and a double bachelor's in music, with over 1000 solo performances, professionally, academically, on television, radio, YouTube, and other sources. "There's a career difference between academic and professional guitarists undergraduates need to understand as 'performance majors."'

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"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable"

Ludwig van Beethoven

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Wish to learn more about Cooper's Guitar & Music Ed., his experience, and your professional musical development?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Lynchburg, VA

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